Summer Reading Review: Makestorming (in french)

Remember, this book is in french, so is the review

makestormingBien installé à mon poste de lecture, j’ai mis moins d’une semaine à lire le Makestorming.A2-1J’ai pris un grand plaisir à découvrir ce livre et à le lire et le relire (je l’ai lu 2 fois en fait…).
La première partie est intéressante avec une définition du hacking et corporate Hacking qui en intéressera plus d’un. La suite promettait d’être tout aussi inspirante mais je suis resté un peu sur ma faim. La description du Makestorming en lui-même m’a paru très abstraite et peu appliquée malgré les exemples donnés et les témoignages. Le dernier chapitre proposant la mise en action vient conclure avec plus d’énergie le livre en donnant des pistes intéressantes, même pour des organisations matures.


Ce que j’ai trouvé très positif:

  • La mise à plat et la définition claire et précise du Makestorming comme un vrai hacking des organisations qui théorise définitivement les pratiques que mènent de nombreux innovateurs en entreprises.
  • Les clés données pour favoriser et créer l’environnement nécessaire au développement de projets hackant l’organisation pour innover plus rapidement,
  • Les différents Template et autres Canvas pour screener ses projets, ses envies, ses ambitions etc…

Moins intéressant:

  • Malgré tous les points très positifs, je n’ai pas “appris”  à la lecture de ce livre. Tous les passionnés d’innovation, travaillant ou non dans un grand groupe, savent les freins et les vicissitudes pour lancer, entretenir, faire vivre puis enfin livrer un projet d’innovation qui souvent va à l’encontre des intérêts établis.
  • La partie Mise en pratique m’a paru un peu courte. Peu de recettes pratiques, de mises en situation, de mise en action.


Makestorming est l’un des meilleurs livres en français sur l’innovation en entreprise. Lisez ce livre! Et de lecture attentive et ce quelque soit votre niveau de maturité en Corporate Innovation. La rédaction est très bonne et les exemples de mise en œuvre permettent d’entrevoir la réalisation d’un makestorming en entreprise. Plus que tout le livre transmet une vraie énergie et une vraie motivation pour changer son organisation, pas à pas, en la hackant, en en contournant les blocages pour accélérer l’innovation. Cependant en comparant avec mes autres lectures de l’été, les leviers et les moyens d’activation ne m’ont pas sauté aux yeux…


Retrouvez mon article sur le sujet (Hacker l’organisation pour mieux innover).

Makestorming, le site web

Merci de m’avoir lu!

Summer reading list review!

As I already told you, my summer reading list was short but promising. Let see what after 4 weeks of sun, bath and reading, I can say about those books I choose.

Love to read

First let’s have a look at my reading stations. It is always a pleasure to read books but even more in good conditions.

From my sunny French balcony …


…to hot Tuscan summer…A1-1

…via the cool resting station of the Jura mountains near Switzerland (by the way a perfect place for Trail Running lovers),



I have really enjoyed discovering those pages. Again, sharing with you my reading commentaries doesn’t mean judging the authors and their work, I am no one for that, but more giving you my very own thoughts about what I, personally as an Innovation practitioners, start-up founder and entrepreneur, think I have learned reading their work.

A timely release

As I have to review all those books, I will post one article per book in the coming day. Stay tuned.

On my shelf for further reading

I have already ordered a book that I should have read for a long time:

41-aaVMQaFL._SCLZZZZZZZ__SY115_SX115_Change by Design, How design thinking transforms Organizations and inspires Innovation from Tim Brown, IDEO.


Thanks for reading, Enjoy and Share!


My (short) summer reading list

At that time of the year flourish lots of reading list with fancy names.

My reading list for this summer is kind of short. As during that time of the year I spend most of my time with my family playing with my kids and taking care of my wife, I have selected books that I consider the reading cannot wait any longer.


The Leader’s guide by Eric Ries

In a previous post I explained you why I have been among the firsts to back Eric Ries new book on Kickstarter. After some time waiting for the book to come up, it is at the end at the front of my door and on the top of my summer reading list. I really can’t wait jumping into it and see all lessons learned and tips gathered by the Lean-startup community and shared here by Eric.

MakeStorming, le guide du Corporate Hacking

MakeStorming, the guide to Corporate Hacking.

This book is in French and as far as I know there is no translation into English so far.

I discovered this book through the workshop I run and facilitate in other enterprises. One participant told me he had read it and found it very interesting and close to my methodology “Creative Problem Solving”. I bought the book from their website a couple of days ago and just received it today. I spent also sometime on their website to understand their approach to corporate hacking and digital transformation inside corporate and established organisation. It looks at a first glance very interesting, close to my own method but with a fairly better organisation, and clear focus on making things (the maker philosophy) and a wonderful collection of easy to use tools.

I will let you know about it later on. In the meantime you can read my articles on Corporate Hackers and How Pirates can hack the organisation (in french)


That’s all for me folks. This summer, near the pool in the beautiful city of Firenza, one will be able to spot the blue and yellow covers of my books. If so, please feel free to speak with me and share a glass of chianti talking about Innovation, Corporate Innovation and Project Management.

See you there.

[EDIT 02/08/2016]

One more book is coming to my list as I read the first one (Makestorming) in less than 3 days… I will post you the review and my comments as soon as I have time to write it down.
I choose to add… Sprint another book about how to rush a project and solve problems faster!

Just waiting for A… to deliver it @home.

249$: the price of your pro life

I am not used to write article in reaction to news but at that point I have to write it down.

So Microsoft just bought LinkedIn for over $26 B. That’s a lot of money but what is important is another figure: 249$.

I found this number on the net and it is the first time I see a pricing for a profile.

Take $26.2 billion, divide it by 105 million, which is the total number of active members on LinkedIn, and you get $249.52. And that tells us exactly what our professional information and allegiance–yours, mine, and virtually everybody we know–is worth.

Just take a moment. Think about it and what it means for you, for us and for the business.

That’s pretty interesting. Really.



Sans titre-1Depuis plusieurs moi nous travaillons sur le concept d’INNOWEO SOLUTION et nous sommes fiers aujourd’hui de vous le présenter.

Le pitch?

Les Managers de l’Innovation travaillent pour vous!

Pas envie de recruter un Directeur Innovation??? Pas assez d’activité pour un Directeur R&D???
Besoin de définir votre politique Innovation?? Besoin de résoudre une problématique de manière innovante?? D’un hackathon interne?? De déployer l’intelligence collective??

Pas de souci, INNOWEO Solution est là pour vous.

Des managers R&D et Innovation, en poste, tous avec plus de 10 ans d’expériences dans ces projets particuliers que sont les projets R&D / Innovation se mettent à voter disposition pour:

  • Définir et vous aider à mettre en place vos démarches Innovation et R&D
  • Animer vos ateliers de créativité / problem solving / Lego Serious Play
  • Déployer l’Innovation Collaborative pour s’appuyer sur les connaissances inexploitées de vos employés,
  • Utiliser BOOST notre solution d’Innovation / Performance pour découvrir de nouveaux gisements d’amélioration
  • Mettre en place vos Innovation Lab et FabLab

INNOWEO SOLUTION vous accompagne

Notre équipe est constituée de professionnels en poste. Ils vous apporteront toute l’expérience, le vécu et cet inestimable accélération de ceux “qui sont déjà passés par là”.

Évitez les écueils, gagnez du temps, soyez plus rapides et agiles!

INNOWEO Solution vient vous assister, vous aider et vous faire gagner du temps tout en vous évitant tous les pièges!


10 steps to successfully present your new Product (or service)!


The most impressive product advocates like Steve J. share the same method to be sure to create an extraordinary moment when presenting a product. Here is what they do to convince you and millions that the brand new thing they have for you is an absolute must:


  1. Prepare, prepare, prepare!
    Success needs hard work.
  2. Find a name: Short, clear, straight to the point
    This is one the most important thing to do. A good name will allow everybody to remember your product and its positioning, a bas one…
  3. Find a good moto: “The car, without the gasoline”
    Refer to the main solved problem, summarize the advantages, make the value clear
  4. Explain the main functionalities of your product: “Phone + email + internet”
    That’s where you show why your best, not 1 or 2 times, 100 times better!
  5. Make a demo that will help your audience to picture themselves
    Show it real, show it works!
  6. Present a problem you solved, the competitors don’t (and show how you solved it of course)
    That’s where you hit the target.
  7. A second one?
    That’s where you hit the target, a second time.
  8. Summarize quickly all the advantages / innovations / key features of your product
    so much advantages, so many innovations…
  9. Explain the pricing vs competitors or equivalent solutions
    Convinced that your product is THE solution, explain to your prospects that your are not a escrow (at least pretend it).
  10. Train, train and train
    Do it in front of your mum, your son, your wife, your dog, do it and do it again and again so that the D-day it will be smooth, clear and efficient.

Some more to add?

Infographic 1

Project review? Prepare the good scenarii

Image result for business meeting

I have just attended to a meeting regarding one project of my running program. This kind of meeting is called “Project Meeting”. Initiated by the project manager, it aims to discuss with the program manager and other selected stakeholders some important facts about the projects before the official Project Review. It aims to deal with important issues and collect options from important sponsors beforehand.

Really often the project team uses those meetings to announce:

  • a budget exceeding,
  • a delay

What I realize today is that in most of the meeting I have participated to, the project team forgive to bring important information that are keys to their counterparts: a plan.

Explaining that budget is going wild, planning is dead and gold-plated deliverables are everywhere is in a sense not really interesting to take decision about the project. What the project team should focus on are its strategy to take the project on track according to the available options:

  • Budget should remain unchanged
  • Planning should remain unchanged
  • Scope should remain unchanged

According to those 3 different strategy the team should provide scenarii to their stakeholders in order to have clear direction.

What is the plan to keep the budget unchanged while our scope is booming or delay is out of control?
What are the consequences if we keep the original planning (i.e. deliverables dates) regarding to the scope (descoping) or budget?

When experiencing troubles on projects, project teams should of course understand the reasons and act to stop the deviation but also work on alternative and scenarii about the future of its project. If not, the decision taken during a project review could be somehow definitive.

Do you see other things to focus on in that case?


thanks for reading.



Mindmapping, the swiss knife of your innovative life

Mindmap your life!

Do you know mindmapping? That wonderful technique is a way to keep organize your thoughts whatever you are doing.

Trying ot innovate? Mindmap your thinking to find the right problem.
Trying to solve this problem? Mindmap it to make a clear statement of the situationTrying to find agood technical solution? Mindmap your opportunities to rank them
etc… etc…

My last one? Trying to find a new job? Mindmap your career to find your strength and weaknesses and define a good strategy (this is really a wonderful tool to realize how many things you can do 😉 )

Mindmapping is one of the most powerful tool to set up and visually organize information and thoughts

What is mindampping?

According to Wikipedia

A mind map is a diagram used to visually organize information. A mind map is often created around a single concept, drawn as an image in the center of a blank page, to which associated representations of ideas such as images, words and parts of words are added. Major ideas are connected directly to the central concept, and other ideas branch out from those.

Mindmapping will allow to organise visually and with a clear hierarchy all your ideas.

How to mindamp?

First be sure you have enough space on a blank sheet of paper. grab at least 4 makers of different colours.

One can summarize mindmapping by those steps:

  1. Write down the topic in the center of your sheet
  2. From the center, write keywords that come to your mind around your central topic,
  3. Connect keywords to your central topic with lines. if keywords have a connections together, connect it also but with a different kind of line (dotted as an example)
  4. Use different colours either for different branches or different concepts of your maps
  5. Use the radial construction to show a clear and good hierarchy
  6. Shape your map in order to make the most powerful concept more visible.

Start with something easy to handle. I did my first mindmap with “dog” as the central topic.


Here are some examples I grab on the net.

You don’t need to be an expert in drawing. Those maps are much more beautiful than the most beautiful one I have ever made or seen.


Lots of tools are available on the internet to draw a mindmap.

  1. Xmind, my favorite
  2. FreeMind, a very good tool too
  3. Mindmeister, often recommanded I personnaly have never used it
  4. MindManager

A quick search on the net will give you even more possibilities.

Thanks for reading.

Wisely use Sticky notes in your Workshops

lean-office-manage-sticky-notes It might seem obvious to use but sticky notes are not that easy to use in a workshop. Let’s discover how to use it wisely for the good of your workshop and to achieve the results your participants deserve.

Sticky notes are somehow the most used tools in Innovation, Creativity, Brainstorming, Problem Solving…. well it is the most used tool when dealing with ideas, structuring and organizing things.

As easy as it seems, using the sticky notes at their top power requires some tips we will share with you.

Why are the sticky notes such a Star?

Sticky notes have a bunch of advantages for organizing and structuring ideas of any kinds.

  • Visual: Images are processed 6000 times faster than text. With their colours and shapes it amplify information and provide quick understanding of the underlying contextual contents.
  • They are legions: As they are easy to set, you can catch all ideas coming up in your team life like a streaming of content
  • Movable: as you can rearrange them, it is easy to cluster ideas, create connections and reorganise your thinking

How to get the most out of it?

A sticky note is more than just a piece of coloured paper glued on a wall. It has 4 characteristics giving them their abilities to organize and visually shape your mind:

  1. Writing
    Too much text makes it unreadable and will alter the necessary “quick” understanding, giving too much details.
    Too less text will not give enough contents to understand the deep meaning.
    The good writing of a sticky note should be concise enough to be understood.
  2. Drawing
    Humans understand much better images than text. A sketch illustrating the ideas will ease the understanding. Sketching is also a good way to stay concise.
  3. Colour
    Using different colours allow structuring and managing your different ideas and concepts. One colour, one group, one category is a good technique to stay your workshop organized.
  4. Shape
    Sticky notes are now coming in various size and various shape. Choose the ones that are the most suited for your workshop.

Last tips

As I have used thousand of sticky notes in hundreds of workshops, I can share with you some tips.They are not definitive, so feel free to add yours as a comment.

I personally use the traditional squared one in different colours (at least 4) and the “citation” one. I categorize the notes and structure my mind.From time to time I like other shapes but only for a dedicated use only. As for an example, I use arrow-shaped ones for process analysis and I have found an bulb-shaped ones for good ideas!

My tips for your next workshop:

  • Be sure the sticky band is positioned on the top to avoid the sticky note to be up side down,
  • Write upper case to be readable from away,
  • Keep the same ink colour during your workshop, unity creates readability.


Thanks for reading.