Some great info on INNOWEO!

05_10_15Some great projects are in the pipe at INNOWEO. As you know I have a standard job and runs INNOWEO at night. As I am running 2 side projects linked with INNOWEO, I have posted much less articles those last weeks and I wanted to tell you why.

Great things are coming.


Our first Kickstarter campaign!

At INNOWEO our first goal was to exchange information, experiences and more on innovation and management of innovative projects.

For 1 year now I am working personally on a wonderful creative problem solving tool. It is a personal project and I am running it in parallel to INNOWEO’s blog. I want to test the market asap even if I want to come up with a valuable and ready-to-sell product. That’s the reason I have decided to fund it with Kickstarter. You will see it at the beginning of next year. My objective: first trimester and around of 100 items backed.

At the moment I have already sent 10 copies of the tool (prototype V2) among some friends of mine to test it and collect feedback. I used it myself in workshop for more than 4 months now with really valuable feedbacks and insight.

Stay tuned to have more information about it!

A brand new satellite Website

In addition to the Creative Problem Soving tool, I am finishing a satellite website for INNOWEO’s blog. You will discover soon what it is but I have it in mind for months and and I am at the end quite happy with the results. Again as I don’t want to come in front of you with something not finshed and validated, it is under early tests by some friends of mine. They are at the time evaluating it with great insights.


Its name? INNOWEO Solution. This website is very important for INNOWEO because it will launch a new side of activity, not only for me but for a team of 5 motivated people. Motivated to help you to innovate faster and create great value for your customer.

My objective is to have a french version available before the end of the year and english version right after new year eve 2016.

Again, stay tuned to have more information!

24 hours a day

Unfortunately my days have only 24 hours and I cannot write for INNOWEO’s blog as much as I want. I apologize for that but I hope that those 2 side projects will also create the same interest and value for you as this blog.

Be sure to stay aware of all those news by joining the community and see live how innovation can reshape our world.


No spam only valuable emails from INNOWEO, your data will not be shared.

In a need for speed (why corporate need to accelerate now!)

maxresdefault[Need for speed is a registered trade mark of EA]

As you may have noticed if you are a regular reader of INNOWEO, I am working in a big Corporate (~50 000 employees) and I am often discussing about open innovation or collaborating with start-ups.

During the last 3 years I have been given the opportunity to both define (with others) and implement the innovation strategy of the group. It has been a long and interesting journey, especially in the Open Innovation area.

In big Corporate there is a necessary cultural change to be done if working with start-ups or SME is core to your innovation strategy. Identifying new promising technologies or diversifying the suppliers pool both needs are justified. Both of them however require a change in mind.

A necessary entrepreneur state of mind

As Big Corporate employees, lots don’t have any idea about what is important or even vital to an entrepreneur, especially when its activity is just starting and every move has to be drastically productive. Changing their mind to adapt in that case the way they are used to deal with suppliers to go to a partnership instead and nurturing this new friend to be sure both of you succeed.

Contract management and purchasing agreements…

…should be adapted in order not to impact negatively your new partner. Payment due date is so important for new companies, this impact directly their cash flow and… Cash is king.

Intellectual Properties and Sales share…

has to be discussed and agreed before starting to work together. If you are lucky enough to have a dedicated market I would suggest to keep the exclusivity of your common work and cooperation on your market as you give to the start-up the exact equivalent outside of your sales area. Win-win approach should be your way and you should make it clear to your potential partner asap during the early talks.

The Need for Speed

If all above are important, the most important thing to have in mind is SPEED. You need to be fast. You need to decide fast, work fast, exchange fast and a Corporate is not done to be fast. A corporate is done to reduce risks. But believe it or not, a start-up is not waiting for a corporate. Taking risks and going much faster than usually is the only way to work with a start-up.

« Three months is tomorrow for a Corporate, it is an eternity for a start-up »

As a project leader you must ensure that your organisation will be reactive enough to understand that a start-up has not the time to wait and need a momentum just to stay alive. You must ensure that your organisation has the proper processes or you have to hack the organisation to accelerate it.

What are you main concern when working with start-ups / Corporate?

Innovation Space: Why it actually matters.

3017824-poster-p-how-googles-flexible-workspace-ignites-creative-collaboration-on-wheelsDesigning an Innovation Space is the most important step to ignite an innovation REvolution inside your corporate or establish your culture as a growing start-up. Neglecting to establish a space that reflect your DNA, your strategy and your wishes as a company will make you fail.

Space at first

Don’t cheat. When you come in a new company and a new supplier, you know exactly what kind of atmosphere is in there just by stepping in the building. Unconsciously (or not) you analyse the space and you integrate all the information it gives you. Corporates or established SMEs are for that topic really predictable. The front desk with hostesses is a standard. Same for the offices. Standard. Same furnitures, same computers, same phones…. All the same. Do you think that this kind of environment is favourable for innovation?

Innovation Space is required

One must send a clear message to its employees: You are allowed to innovate. What is the easiest  way to do it? Design the space. Either are you moving to a brand new building or just setting a new rule, designing a space for innovation is not straight forward. However, just as if you don’t change your state of mind you will not innovate, if you don’t adapt your environment to your goal, you will not innovate neither. Or at a lower pace.

Modularity is key

When talking about Innovative Space, one has to understand that their is two kind of areas to take care of: working areas and social areas. The goal is to make the transition as smooth as possible. No cubicles are allowed: modularity is key. I personally love the under video explaining how modularity improves creativity (and contacts among employees, and much more things).

Testing matters

In addition, as innovation requires testing, a FabLab Part has to be set up. Take care, a FabLab doesn’t mean necessary 3Dprinter, Arduino or Rasberry pie etc… It means that you have to set up a location where people can move on and test their ideas, their hypothesis by building a prototype or even better a Minimum Viable Product to be tested on the field. This area can be, should be, diffuse in your working area meaning that the transition between working to testing should be as immediate as possible. So workshops, storage areas have to be defined at the early start of the project. The team working on a subject should be able to get the material in a second, prototype in a minute and test straight away, and redo. At the end of the day, storage capacity must ensure that work is not lost and could be reused later on.fab-lab-tulsaIn this space again, modularity should be queen. Rollers are the solution. It will allow people to completely reshape the Lab every day according to their need. They will take the location and make it what they need to innovate.
Some anchor points should however be kept still. What if the printer has moved for the 4th time of the day? Most terrific, if you can smell the coffee but can’t find the machine…

Having a dedicated Innovation Space is important to your Innovation initiative. However don’t take it easy and take care to design it properly. Encourage mobility and adaptation.