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To innovate you need connections!

EcosystemExactly as the wild life, you need an adapted ecosystem to foster innovation.

As I already wrote in a previous article, the lonely innovator is a myth (in french). You need an adequate ecosystem both inside and outside your organisation to innovate wisely and fast.

Innovation comes from the inside

Of course without a strong commitment of your organisation, your team will hardly innovate. The recipe to have a strong innovation mindset within your company is key but difficult to find. Many attempts will be made before finding all the necessary ingredients and quantities. However, some fundamentals can be listed:

  • Strong involvement of the management, from top to low level.
    From my point of view that’s the most important point. People have to see that innovation is clearly a strategic goal and according to that goal, management acts to achieve it. It will also give a lot of confidence and energy to the innovation team which will have hard times and deserts to cross.
  • Available tools. Good tooling doesn’t make a bad worker a good one but it can help, definitely help. Among the tools that helps innovation we can list:team, meeting, working, office, business, post-it notes, papers, startup
    • creativity method: there are a lot out there. I use a 5 diamond one that have been developed some +10 years ago and which I now help to keep alive and align on best practice. A must have.
    • Innovation Lab: Mine has two areas : One to be creative, work on business model canvas, have an open mind etc… The second is really a FabLab with prototyping and mock-ups possibilities, a 3D printer, an arduino test bench etc…
  • A dedicated location. Your innovation Lab can be this area where people know they can go to organise meetings, meet-ups to think a bit differently. In our lab, walls are of different colours (it also helps to define the different areas), quotes are on the walls, magazines and newspapers are on the table, nice coloured chairs…
  • Some kind of freedom. Most organisation use a very defined and limited process to handle R&D and even Innovation. Having a dedicated process to handle innovation is already fine (it show also the management interest if they deal with another process 😉 ) but it has to be faster, easier, smother and more agile than the existing ones. At the end it gives some more freedom and possibilities to the employees to test… eventually fail but may be succeed.

If I set everything upwards, I am done to innovate? Not really…

You will not innovate alone

Really few organisation are able to innovate by themselves. One can list some like Intel, Google, IBM… not even sure that Apple would have been what it is now by itself. Some Must-Have should be put in place by your innovation team:

  • Connection to the academic world and best schoolsharbad, university, boston, school, campus, buildings, architecture, trees, grass, sunshine, grounds
    Very few companies have the abilities to develop cutting-edge technologies by themselves. Early access to coming technologies is key to disrupt your market and achieve the so-called blue ocean. To do so, you have to deploy a net all around you and especially at top universities, engineering schools… Don’t forget to map the business schools around you as more and more innovation are on the business model side. In Lyon where I work, I have around me and connection with a top university, 2 of the most successful engineering schools and a top 3 business school. that’s key.. and also key to source wonderful interns 😉
  • Connection to your peers
    Benchmarking your practices is really healthy to innovate faster and to not being stick in a way that doesn’t work that good. finding your peers is really powerful. It gives you a good view of the best practices and help you to position your innovation process among what exists in the place. I have access myself to more than 30 peers, innovation managers of directors of established companies with who I share our approach and practices. Fairly efficient. Even to exchange technologies and suppliers if your business are far enough.
  • Connection to the entrepreneurs world, from start-ups to mid sized companies
    I do it using 2 ways. First the business Union and the french Industry council: works fine. However the best way to get in touch with what is going on is to go out of our frontiers. I have taken parts to Start-ups week-ends, meet-ups, presentations, pitch challenges… that helps a lot.
  • Connection to officials
    Don’t forget to have connections with officials and of course mainly those dealing with the business side. Depending of your country and town, they can be from the state, the region, the city or some specialized council. Don’t forget it because it can really help in some particular cases.


Innovating is a hard job. Put all chances on your side by developing a favourable ecosystem around you. that’s key.

What items would you add to this ecosystem? Please leave a comment.


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Opinions are my own.


5 tips to use BM canvas wisely (and also other canvas)

I have read an interesting article on Medium about Business models and business plans. worth the reading but I don’t really agree with everything said.

What actually attracted my eyes is this picture:



This is the first time I see this very interesting and valuable way to describe the whole process linked with the Business canvas. It is really a golden picture because it says several very important things about the business model canvas (or here the Lean canvas):

  1. Don’t rely on 1 Business model, build several and do scenarii
  2. Manage risks
  3. Validate hypothesis
  4. Validate Product(or service) market fit
  5. Prepare to scale

This will maximise the chances your products will firstly find its market and then become big!


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Les 3 articles les plus lus sur INNOWEO en Février et Mars:

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Tous en Français. Tous au-dessus et même largement au-dessus de 150 vues…


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The 15 levers to creativity

Creativity is something strange that can happen wherever you are. Unfortunately I often hear « I am not a creative man, I cannot do it… ».

Being creative is simply about being confident, curious, active and persistent. Here our 15 levers to build a creative self-confidence and show your ideas to the world.

  1. Forget what you learned at school
  2. Stop taking to much caution
  3. Act before you doubt
  4. Connect, connect, connect (topics, ideas, behaviour, localisation, tech…)
  5. Keep It Stupid Simple (KISS)
  6. If you can clearly put words on it, keep it, otherwise kill it
  7. Be visionary, take a step back to look and think
  8. Hack your daily tools
  9. Be hungry even if you are lost
  10. Be courageous: accept to be wrong
  11. There is no « Why? » only Do it and see the results
  12. Iterate: Design. Test. Feedback. And redo.
  13. Everything is possible so try it
  14. Make a clean place, destroy what is existing and restart from scratch
  15. There is no crisis, only opportunities

What point would you add?


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Employee Engagement in the Innovation Process

Innovation Excellence just issued an article entitled « Employee Engagement in the Innovation Process ». This worth reading (see button below to read it).

Especially, this pool result focus on the incentive that could be given to employees regarding their innovation involvement to reward their ideas or their achievement.

I personally fully believe that the success of innovation is based on employee involvement. However most enterprises don’t measure it. More than that most of enterprise does have incentives for their « innovative » employees. It is surprising to find that someone is giving most of the time money to someone else for something which is not really monitored…
There are ways to monitor employee involvement and reward them, even not on a monetary basis. That works and gives very good results.But don’t forget one thing, employee involvement will work if you put energy to embark people. However, in a company, only the top management involvement will guaranty the success of your innovation initiative and insure that people will sustain their commitment into the innovation process.


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3 key parameters to (successfully) innovate

To innovate wisely and maximise the chances to be successful, each and every innovators should at least follow this 3 steps rule:

Identify an unsatisfied need

The need is the basis of your success. If you identify correctly the need then you are able to define a solution to this need. That’s your idea. As there is a need, you are sure that there is a market too. The best ideas come from an obvious need.

Create the new user experience

Once you have your idea and the need it saves, you have to deploy a solution. To do it, please focus on user experience. How many solutions aimed to fulfil a need and failed because the UX was bad or even worth because the usage was unsatisfactory?

Invent your own business

It is fundamental to implement your own business model; Don’t copy, don’t reinvent, just do it your way.
The business model is really core to your innovation. don’t fear to propose first-of-a-kind model to your management. If it worth it, there will be no worries.


And you, what steps would you add?



Entreprise Libérée!!!

L’entreprise libérée est à la mode en ce moment. Parait qu’elle surperforme les autres ect etc… Une petite vidéo sympa réalisée par l’agence POSSUM Interactive vaut mieux qu’un grand discours pour comprendre ce qu’est, au final, une entreprise libérée.


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INNOWEO turns to english / INNOWEO se met à l’anglais

According to the stats we have, most of you are coming from another country but France or French speaking… So we took the decision to gently move from French to English as MAIN language for INNOWEO. It doesn’t mean that all articles will be in English but most of them, starting but our owns. Do you think it is a good idea? Please take part to our pool about what language should INNOWEO speak.

Selon les stats du site, la majeure partie d’entre vous viennent d’autre part que de France. Du coup on a décidé de passer tranquillement à l’anglais comme langue principale d’INNOWEO. Attention, cela veut dire que la majorité des articles seront en anglais, à commencer par les nôtres, mais pas tous.  Participez à notre sondage en ligne pour nous dire ce que vous pensez de cette décision!


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We will published the already written French articles and smoothly switch to English

Nous publierons les articles déjà écrits en français et passeront doucement à l’anglais.


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INNOWEO newsletter #1: Houha to the community

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innoweo newsletter #1



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