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Open Innovation (1): What are your fears?

Open Innovation
Open Innovation

In Open Innovation, terms of contract are key. Especially when a (big) established company is dealing with a start-up. I will not speak about an open innovation contract among big companies, that kind of contract are well handled by companies legals.

The fears of start-upers

Imagine one moment that you are working like a dog on developing your start-up. At one point someone comes. He is interested in your work and would like to work with you on an OpenInnovation contract. What would be your analysis?

  • He/She wants to steal my technology, or
  • He/She wants to buy my company  to develop the concept (happy), or
  • He/She wants to buy my company to kill the concept or internalize it (unhappy)

If as an established company you are not clear from the beginning there are very few chances that you will actually collaborate…
However established company also have concerns working with small start-ups.

The concerns of established companies

Working with start-ups is…strange for a big company. The time horizon, the speed, the reactivity is clearly not the same and can completely panic your partners. Their concerns are simple but can be difficult to solve or handle:

  • Are those guy serious?
  • Will they stop their activity soon? Is the financial statement ok?
  • How can I work work a company that have no Sales?
  • Are they ISO?

Seems strange to you but those are remarks I have faced several times.

Once that you have made that clear statement once have to ask what are the really important things when building an open innovation partnership? We will discuss that in Open Innovation (2)

Do you see some other concerns for both parties? Leave a comment.


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Knowing your environment is key to innovate

European union
European union flag

Understanding the Innovation patterns and dynamics are important for all of us to understand the priorities and the policies in E.U.
It allows us to determine what are the public policies around you, what are the supported topics etc…

This is a very important step as to innovate in the real world, you have to find people that are working on the same topic as you are or/and on connected topics that will enrich you own approach.

As I wrote (in french), the lonely innovator is a myth and even if it can happen that the best products come out of a garage and being able to scout partners, both from private and from the public actors is key.

You will find the latest document from E.U. about the innvation strategy and pecialisation patterns which present an outlook of the surrounding atmosphere regarding innovation topics in Europe. (free and downloadable)

Download the file


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Club OpenInnovation Rhone Alpes: Appel à candidature

L’écosystème lyonnais de l’innovation et de l’OpenInnovation est très actif. Le club OpenInnovation dont je fais partie sort un nouvel appel à candidature mais un spécial! dans le cadre du salon des objets connectés, venez pitcher devant des grands comptes sur le thème:

  • Habitat connecté, confort domestique
  • Smart City, Smart Grid
  • Industrie « intelligente », capteurs connectés

Pour la candidature, c’est ICI

Le site du Club OpenInnovation Rhone Alpes


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