The 15 levers to creativity

Creativity is something strange that can happen wherever you are. Unfortunately I often hear « I am not a creative man, I cannot do it… ».

Being creative is simply about being confident, curious, active and persistent. Here our 15 levers to build a creative self-confidence and show your ideas to the world.

  1. Forget what you learned at school
  2. Stop taking to much caution
  3. Act before you doubt
  4. Connect, connect, connect (topics, ideas, behaviour, localisation, tech…)
  5. Keep It Stupid Simple (KISS)
  6. If you can clearly put words on it, keep it, otherwise kill it
  7. Be visionary, take a step back to look and think
  8. Hack your daily tools
  9. Be hungry even if you are lost
  10. Be courageous: accept to be wrong
  11. There is no « Why? » only Do it and see the results
  12. Iterate: Design. Test. Feedback. And redo.
  13. Everything is possible so try it
  14. Make a clean place, destroy what is existing and restart from scratch
  15. There is no crisis, only opportunities

What point would you add?


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  1. Les infos ici sur cette page sont bien intéressantes. J’ai vraiment bien aimé, un article qui est bien écrit et nous permet d’en savoir un peu plus sur le sujet. Bien vu !
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