I found it on the web… Product Manager Club

Product-Manager-ClubHere we are. The first article of a serie called « I found it on the web« . The goal? Sharing with you my most valuable findings on the web.

First of a row is Product Manager Club. I found it while looking for resources for my daily job. And believe or not, it is one of the most interesting website I have found in a year. something fresh, something new, made by daily practitioners just as we are trying to do with innoweo.com to « to help us create the playbook of product management. »

I have not yet spotted all interesting articles on the site but some are in resonance with latest or coming posts on innoweo such « Build a Product road map« , « Persona » or « KPI’s and metric definition« . Those are close to innoweo’s article « How to create a persona » or « Choose wisely your innovation KPI« . We also have on in our bag regarding roadmap (coming soon).

So, lots of good articles, nice design, good mood… A must read.

The Product Manager Club

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