INNOWEO Most Read Articles: An Autumn/Winter review

05_10_15For 10 months now, I try with INNOWEO to exchange with you on Innovation and Innovation Project Management. Regularly I really enjoy to look back and see what really interested you in my last posts.

In two months I will issue my first year review and my first feedback to share with you all what I have learned during this first year of INNOWEO, from setting a website with WordPress, working on Adobe Suite to Internet marketing and so on. Stay tuned and don’t miss it!

From September to now I have issue much less posts than previously but as you know I have other projects running in parallel and thus it was sometimes difficult for me to write at the good pace.

  1. Agile + Design Thinking
  2. Innoweo Creativity Cards deck is out!
  3. A Physical space to innovate, A Lab in a way

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