INNOWEO turns 1 year old: What did I learn for this first year?

05_10_15Wahou… 1 year. It has been one year that I post on Innovation, corporate Innovation, project management and related topics.

Thanks for being so many to read my posts and join our community.

Let me make a little Lessons Learned (as all good project managers do) on this first year.

The Figures

INNOWEO for this first year means:

  • Over 180 articles
  • More than 50 000 visitors (mostly with URL from the US)
  • Over 166 000 viewed pages

The most read article so far on INNOWEO is… On My Shelf – My 8 preferred books on Innovation and Innovation projects with more than 2600 views. All articles have been seen at least 400 times and about 20% are granted with more than 800 views.

Thanks for reading me!

The INNOWEO community is today 275. As a member I hope you value what we send to you incl. information on what’s going on on INNOWEO and about our next projects.

The learnings

  • 5 new softwares learned (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, WordPress and SnagIt)
  • Over 20 hours of MOOC watched (thanks to LinkedIn special offer – 1month free on to have minimum skills on those softwares
  • 3 new words discovered: SEO, Growthhacking and Inbound Marketing
  • Again over 20 hours of MOOC watched on those topics (hopefully I travel a lot for my work 😉 )
  • 4 new websites used: twitter, buffer (awesome #1), Zappier (awesome #2) and canva (awesome #3)
  • 2 on-line training fulfilled (TheFamily)

The key Points to share with you

Here are my 5 key learnings of this first year:

  • writing a blog don’t take too much time if you are organized (I do it at night),
  • writing a blog means that you have set a blog… Learning WordPress and Internet mechanism is key for that.
  • SEO is queen
  • Twitter is king (read my next article on how I discovered the true power of twitter during this first year)
  • Having a blog opens a lot of doors and allow you to meet very wonderful people. (read also a coming article on that topic)

I have also learned that Twitter is an interesting media. Frankly speaking I am still amazed to see that with very little efforts and no particular strategy on this medium I have today more than 2k followers @BaptisteLeSueur. And a lot a very good interactions!!!

Again, Thanks for being part of my INNOWEO adventure. Let me know what you think about that!

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