My Digital Transformation Project: How Design Thinking can help

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This is the first article about a kind of Innovation project which is more a transformation project for a company: Digital Transformation Project.

I will share with you the part of the approach I am using at the time at a large company to start their digital transformation.  In coming articles I will keep you informed about the successes and difficulties we are facing and how to leverage or avoid them.

First of all we have set our goals when dealing with the Digital transformation. This is a very important step as one should clearly know what he/she is seeking and what are the main drivers of this transformation. Setting your goals and understanding the drivers are key to establish a proper approach but even more importantly to accurately communicate about it. A transformation project, digital or not, is before everything else a Change and thus requires a change management approach! Of course, in addition of all tools and methods described here, we will use the standard PM tools. I am myself PMP certified and that can’t lie 😉

In this first article I have chosen to share with you our approach mainly based on two tools.

Service Design

If you want to learn more about service design, please go to my related articles including this one.
As a tool for Digital Transformation, we will use the ServiceDesign approach to simulate and modelize the actual service and the « digitally transformed » one in order to establish which parts of the service will be modified, what kind of user experience will be modified/provided and which technologies will be the most suitable to our goals.

Among the tools of ServiceDesign, Customer Journey and ServiceBlueprint are the ones I expect to use most. I have already used it with great results.

The Service Design approach will thus allow us to determine at which extend we should modify our service to achieve our goals while enhancing our customer experience or I should say our stakeholder experience. In this project, the digital transformation of an existing service will not only transform the service for our client, hopefully providing him more value but should also enhance the experience of all the actors of the service, front and back office, in order to provide value throughout the whole chain. Focusing a Digital Transformation Project ONLY on customer is missing part of the value. To be sure to identify all our stakeholders and their true interests into our project, I am focusing on a standard Project Management tool, the stakeholder mapping.


Once that done, mainly without name but more with position, status or title, I will use the persona as to track their characteristics.


Value proposition

The second family of tools we will use is issued from the Value proposition method. Of course setting decoding for each stakeholders their pain and gain and true job will allow us to map all the interests within the scope of the project as well and setting in front of their true needs the « digital » answer that will ease their job.

To do so we are aiming to use the value proposition canva or equivalent.


I will also be very happing to interview stakeholders with the Job To Be done cards I am testing for a couple of months now by JBriggs

jtbdWe will make the exercise for each persona type we will have defined previously.

From all that work we will prototype our new service, using technologies and usages that seem to us the best choice in order to bring this service in a new world-class standard.

I have already used this method with great success in other projects but never with a so high digital and IT content. If you have any other tools that could help, feel free to share.

Next article of the « My DT project » serie will be about managing the organisation providing the service while you are running a project aiming to drastically transform the performed work.

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