On my shelf 2 – My updated list of Must-read Innovation & Innovation Project management books

I have spent a year reading books (loads of them actually… more than 20 books i.e. more than 1 per month) on Innovation, innovative projects management and related topics. Are some new books On My Shelf? Let’s Discover that now!!

2015 most preferred books, will they leave the Shelf??

Let’s come back shortly on the 2015 books. I had selected last year not less than 8 books to put On My Shelf.

Innovation books collectionLet’s start by the ones that will leave the shelf. The shelf is not expansive and I needed some room to welcome 2016 books. So unfortunately, Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In and Les systèmes de suggestion en révolution (idea management in revolution) will leave the shelf with (almost) no regrets.
I used so much The Lean Start-up in 2015/2016 that I couldn’t put it away. That’s still a must-read and an inspiration for all Innovation managers and start-upers. However, you will understand in the 2016 newcomers list why it left the Shelf.

I still value a lot The Standard for Portfolio Management which is really a frame for my day to day work as… portfolio manager.
Jugaad Innovation is a book that I have read twice and still have things to reread in to leverage every points that are highlighted there. Rare enough to be On the Shelf for one more year.

I really asked me if I kept The Business Model Canva and the Value Proposition Design On My Shelf. Those books really helped me to change points of views and mindsets in both my company and the companies I have worked for. For Good Services, they will stay one more year! (even as I wrote this article, I have used the Value Proposition in a workshop sooner that day…).
There is no debate about This is Service Design, one of my favourite if not My favourite book, for innovation and Service design. It will stay for years On My Shelf as if I had one book to recommend on Innovation and even if it focuses on a particular field « Service Design », it would be this one.

Welcome on the Shelf: 2016 selection

You will find in my 2016 preferred books not only 2016 edited books but books that I HAVE READ IN 2016, much different isn’t it?

So here are the newcomers On My Shelf!

Lots of newcomers in fact…

leadersgyideThe new book from Eric Ries, available only to his kickstarter’s backers is a mine of lessons learned, good practices and advices to enhance your corporate innovation, not only using Lean Start-up but in general. A very good 2016 book that will certainly stay On the Shelf for a while. The Leader’s guide is definitely the 2.0 Lean Start-up. If you didn’t, just read my Book review.


sprintOMG, that’s certainly also one of the book of the year regarding Workshop and creativity sessions incl. Prototyping and testing. Complementary to the Lean Start-up, it gives some very useful tips and advices. Just no word to say how it can be valued by those who helps others to innovate just as we do at INNOWEO Solution. If you didn’t, just read my Book review.


sketchinguserexperienceI have read this book in 2014, long before thinking about writing a blog… I have read it again this year as I really value the power of sketching after being a newbie (link in french) for a long time. It was really a pleasure to re-discover this book and link it with other radings such as Sprint. However I am not a fan of the associated Workbook…

20160916_211341I have read Make Space late 2015 but it really helped me during my first consulting mission (setting up an innovation space) and I really value this book. If you aim to set up an innovation / Creativity space, this book will definitely help you.

On my shelf 2016

So here is my new Shelf!!

  • The Standard for Portofolio management,
  • Jugaad Innovation,
  • The Business Model Canva,
  • The Value Proposition Design,
  • The Leader’s guide,
  • Sprint,
  • Sketching User Experience,
  • Make Space

I might update that article in the next days as I am reading 2 very good books,both of them « Must-read » according to all my friends…


Change by design is THE Design thinking book by IDEO CEO Tim Brown. I am rading it now. Stay tuned for the Book review.



27440100535780lPasser en mode Workshop is a compendium of tools and methods to organise and run workshops, not only to innovation but also strategic, sales etc… It’s the bible of one INNOWEO partner so I have to read it before the end of this year.

Do you see some other books I should read?

Let’s share your thoughts.

Thanks for reading!

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