Open Innovation Framework: Innovation Map

Open Innovation is one of the most efficient ways to accelerate Innovation, whoever you are, SMEs or large Corporate.

In a new serie of articles called OpenInnovation Framework we will present you all good pratices, tools and strategic analysis processes that we have used with good results. We organized our OpenInnovation framework around the first tool we will present you today.
Our framework is splitted among 4 areas that are keys for OpenInnovation:image2

  • CULTURE. How to set a culture of OpenInnovation in your organisation, how to validate the first steps…
  • LEGAL. According to our experience, LEGAL aspects are one of the two dangerous areas for OpenInnovation. Fears and Mistrust are living here. Let’s see how to overpass this step.
  • PURSHASING. The second most dangerous area where lots of openinnovation intiatives are killed by… purshasing processes. Let’s discover a way to establish a new Purshasing process allowing speedy and agile contract.
  • PARTNERSHIP. As a result of all 3 previous areas, partenerships, win-win agreements are the aim of your OpenInnovation initiative.

Results of working on that 4 areas is a strong, complete and efficient Innovation Map, leading to successful Open Innovation Projects delivering new products and services for the wealth of partners.


Innovation Map is a simple tool that allows you to have the complete representation of your Innovation connections and network. It makes it easy to spot weaknesses areas to work on.

The framework proposed here should be adapted to your own company / project / start-up. Areas of collaborations should be tuned to hat is the most important for you and your strategy regarding OpenInnovation (yes, by the way, you should have one).


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Feel free to tune the sectors according to your own interests and situations. However try to be exhaustive as this map aims to show not only areas where you are strong but also your weaknesses.

Thanks for reading!

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