What is INNOWEO creativity cards deck?

IMAGE IN cards

INNOWEO is very proud to issue its first creativity cards deck: IMAGE-IN. This is a wonderful high quality PDF allowing you to print your own deck.

Those 68 A6 sized cards with high quality images aim to make you innovate more creatively. Inspired by Arthur Koestler « The Act of Creation », the cards have a general organization allowing you to connect, leverage and combine concepts, objects, elements and abstraction. By using the images on the cards and connecting it to your theme, you will empower the idea generation phase of your creativity of problem solving workshop.

In addition to the cards, we have developed for you the IMAGE IN booklet. In this booklet you will find out how to use the IMAGE-IN cards at their best:

  • One Ice Breaker exercise to start your workshop,
  • One Topic Exploration tool to define clearly the scope,
  • One Idea Generation tool to generate more breakthrough ideas.

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