Your creativity room, designed

I already wrote an article about designing an innovation space. and some other about why it is important to have such a space in your enterprise.
Let’s now discover how to design such a room for YOUR experience.


Designing and shaping a creativity room is key for the success of your future workshops. At INNOWEO we have already set a couple of creativity room, in corporate, in SMEs and for a consulting firm. We share with you our best tips.

Setting your goals

Building a creativity room for the fancy and the trendy stylish fact of having one is a bit short minded. If it worth the effort, it should be designed and aligned to your own goals.
Do you have an innovation strategy with macro goals? If not one should be hardly working on it. Defining goals are a necessary step.

Your creativity room should be aligned with those goals.

Are you aiming to develop new services?Are you aiming to develop new product? not exactly the same goals but might be converging.

Some usual tips

Set the stage

  1. Colours, colours, colours
    Vision is one of the most important sense for humans so don’t just but fancy colours on the walls… Colours ill shape the state of mind of the participants of your workshops.
    Red, yellow, green, it actually doesn’t really matter. It should actually means something to you and your team. If Orange means something and have a clear meaning to your team and / or in your environment, let’s use it. However you should be able to identify a clear set of colours to paint your room. Don’t let it white and be sure you can easily pitch your choice of colours.
  2. Move, move, move
    Reconfigurable space is the key.
    Buy movable furnitures, trolleys, light chairs and tables.
    creativity16 creativty13
    A way to establish a reconfigurable workspace is to set space divider. creativity14creativity15
    It can be specially designed space separators or DIY ones.
    But as you can see on the pic below (from the MIT Lab), don’t hesitate to buy loads of them.
  3. Sketch, sketch, sketch
    Once you have set the room at that stage, you should allow your team to sketch. Sketching is a technique that allow your team to illustrate concepts


Once you have set the room fill it with inspirational material.

  1. Books
    Bookshelf can provide lot of inspiration to your team. It can be a very simple bookshelf with little number of books to an extensive collection of inspirational ones. You can find my collection of books here, you can find other suggestion, here, here or here.
    But you should read my upcoming article « On my Shelf 2 – My Updated List of Must-read Innovation books

  2. Tendencies wall
    Providing the workshop participants with tendencies and inspiration is key as most of ideas come out of existing concepts.
    Reserve one of your wall to tendencies. Collect existing products, services, illustrations to inspire your participants.
    Magazines, newspapers of selected areas in your business area, but not only, to establish connections and enhance creativity. This should be up-to-date so don’t hesitate to change your tendencies material !

Oh yes we almost forgot… Don’t forget to fill the room with loads and loads of Sticky notes, the best companion of the creativity and innovation workshops.


Is a creativity room sufficient? In most cases, a creativity room is a good start. However, it is now proved that it works best when coupled to a FabLab. Prototyping allows people to better understand the concepts and speed up the innovation rate.

Thanks for reading!

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