Lean Startup: the steps for a successful pivot!

The Lean start-up is all about testing and your abilities to pivot. It is a wonderful management tool to innovate, both for start-ups and for corporate. However, in order to maximize the chances to find a good resonance within a particular area of the market, one has to be really taking care to several steps.

  1. Go to the market often
    To pivot you HAVE TO have the feedback of your potential customers. If not, no pivot is possible. The Minimum Viable Product is key (link in french). In some cases, A/B testing is really really powerful. A/B testing is all about giving to the market 2 different PMV and see which one generate the best response.
  2. Have a vision
    giving your team the direction, the moto, the final stage. It will gives you the opportunity to make assumptions, those assumptions will then be tested with your clients.
  3. Stay passionate
    This is your adventure, your dream, your future . If you don’t believe in it, nobody will. Believe in it even when you pivot because…
  4. …Pivoting is a success
    Adapting and modifying your MVP to your clients is not a fail. It is answering to your clients needs! Do fall in love with your product. Your only goal is to find a market, to find people ready to trust you and your product and eventually (no, not eventually, actually) buy it.
  5. Stay open
    Look around, stay tuned. Pivoting is also about knowing what is going on outside your team.
  6. Speak to your client
    Don’t sell your MVP. Deliver it, speak with your customer, ask them about your vision, listen, gather informations… That’s gold for your development.

This will help you to optimize the « Build-Measure-Learn » cycle.


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