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INNOWEO analytics as of 3d of April
INNOWEO analytics as of 3d of April

+3 weeks of posting so far and thanks to you and the amazingly growing INNOWEO community (>100 members) we reached the 3000 pages views. I am still surprised and amazed and I spent lot of time to verify that my analitycs were well configured but seems ok, no bots, nothing strange… well I have to admit that my posts are interesting you and I thank you for that. More than 300 visits per week and about 3 pages seen each time… I was not awaited that.

Most of you are coming from the Us, France and…Israel.anaAt the moment I can’t explain why… but not really looking to, I am happy to see that my posts are interesting so much people from around the world.

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I will come back to you in the near future to show you what INNOWEO actually is and how it is done 😉

In the meantime, what do you think about the site? Leave a comment to let me know.