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Lean Startup: the steps for a successful pivot!

The Lean start-up is all about testing and your abilities to pivot. It is a wonderful management tool to innovate, both for start-ups and for corporate. However, in order to maximize the chances to find a good resonance within a particular area of the market, one has to be really taking care to several steps.

  1. Go to the market often
    To pivot you HAVE TO have the feedback of your potential customers. If not, no pivot is possible. The Minimum Viable Product is key (link in french). In some cases, A/B testing is really really powerful. A/B testing is all about giving to the market 2 different PMV and see which one generate the best response.
  2. Have a vision
    giving your team the direction, the moto, the final stage. It will gives you the opportunity to make assumptions, those assumptions will then be tested with your clients.
  3. Stay passionate
    This is your adventure, your dream, your future . If you don’t believe in it, nobody will. Believe in it even when you pivot because…
  4. …Pivoting is a success
    Adapting and modifying your MVP to your clients is not a fail. It is answering to your clients needs! Do fall in love with your product. Your only goal is to find a market, to find people ready to trust you and your product and eventually (no, not eventually, actually) buy it.
  5. Stay open
    Look around, stay tuned. Pivoting is also about knowing what is going on outside your team.
  6. Speak to your client
    Don’t sell your MVP. Deliver it, speak with your customer, ask them about your vision, listen, gather informations… That’s gold for your development.

This will help you to optimize the « Build-Measure-Learn » cycle.


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How to reach +1k visitors on your post: the Eric Ries effect

book, reading, pages, hands

For most blogs, readers are key. I recently reached the 1k visitors on one of my post. Houha… that’s a lot of people coming to read what I have to tell.

What is interesting is the recipe I found according to this experience on how to reach this level. Let me just explain you what INNOWEO is usually when speaking to visitors and viewed pages.

The standard INNOWEO

INNOWEO is a small non commercial blog speaking about innovation management, the broad side. I usually post 2 articles per day and get around 50 to 100 visitors and around 150 viewed pages: That’s the standard INNOWEO so far. I am trying to rise those figures of course but that’s it at the time. And I am quite happy so far because I think this is ok for a month old blog.

INNOWEO and Twitter

As I am a rookie, I learn all day so I used to launch INNOWEO some times ago without a link to Twitter. I did it afterwards. So my first posts have not been twitted.

The Update

Recently I decided that those posts deserved a tweet. I also read a post from Peg Fitzpatrick saying that you should always tweet twice or more your old posts: so did I for the posts that have less than 10 readers.

Day One: The surprise

It came when Eric Ries, the father of Lean Start-up, retweet my original message called « Why did I kickstart Eric Ries? Find out here« . Eric Ries has more than 200k followers on twitter.
In a second the post was viewed by more than 500 times… Let’s have a look at what it means, 2h after my original tweet, on an analytic graph (sorry I worked on it but cannot remove the blurred effect…if you know why this happens, the original snapshot is fine).

Innoweo analytics as of 2h after the original tweet.
Innoweo analytics as of 2h after the original tweet (393 visitors, 1232 views…)

393 visitors, 1232 views (on the entire blog). Just x10 views and x5 visitors.

Day 2: Still running

One day later I still had 262 visitors for 1000 pages viewed. But interesting is that this affected my whole blog… not only the article about Eric Ries and kickstarter.

The lessons learned

  1. Focus on your content
  2. Link it with twitter
  3. Cross your fingers for SOMEONE (with a lot of followers) TO RETWEET YOUR CONTENTS!
  4. Prepare such event to happen (I have nothing to capture the people coming on my blog… so nobodies registered on my community. This will be changed soon)
  5. and follow Peg Fitzpatrick advices 😉
  6. and thanks Eric Ries 😉



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The Leader’s guide: Why I kickstarted Eric Ries’s next book

Eric RiesEric Ries just launched a kickstarter campaign for his next book: The Leader’s guide.

Why did I kickstart it?

Eric Ries obviously doesn’t need to crowedfound his next book. So why did I help him financially?

Obviously for one reason: got the book. As it will be only available for the backers.

Second reason is for the opportunity to be part of the publishing experiment he is trying to conduct for the coming book called « The start-up Way ».

I will in the coming months keep you informed about about it goes… If the campaign is succesful of course 😉



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