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Product Review: IDEO method card

Ideo Deck (credit IDEO)
Ideo Deck (credit IDEO)


I have tried to get one IDEO Method card deck for months. After a couple of tries I found a gentle way to ship it from the US. A colleague from SF bring them to Charlotte and then another one took it back to France. A nice way to avoid the prohibitive shipping cost…

To be frank I haven’t opened it for a while. But now that I start this blog on a daily basis I think it is interesting to present it to you and how I have used it so far.

The Deck

The deck is organised in 4 sections comiling 51 cards in total. Each card presents the HOW and the WHY of the tool.

  1. Learn
  2. Look
  3. Ask
  4. Try
IDEO Method card
IDEO Method card on my desk while writing this post

How to use it?

The cards are designed to help you innovate by giving you some inspirations. You can quickly look at the cards and see which one fits with your goal, flip it and see what the tool is like. And go.

My opinion

Well… nice cards by the way. To be honest I must have missed the point. I don’t see really where this gives you inspiration and faith to use the tools that are « described ». The description of tools are too succinct and there are no methodology about how to apply it in reality. However I have tried only a few times so… If you have some experience with it plese share.

And you, how do you use the IDEO cards? Do you have good examples?



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