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Why mutual gain is key to negociate?

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Some days ago I have been lucky enough to be part of  a conference regarding negotiation and in particular the Mutual Gain Theory.

I have been really impressed by this approach of negotiating and would like to share it for those who didn’t know it until now.

This theory is anything else but trying to reach a win/win agreement with no disappointment on any side. This is the foundation of a solid agreement. It comes originally from the Harvard Negociation Project.

Here are reasons why you should consider Mutual gain when negotiating…

  1.  Agreement is rock solid as both parties win
  2. Long term gain instead of short term personal gain
  3. Increase the nulber of parameters negotiated, creating more value
  4. Establish a common understanding of each other interests and thus allow to biuld multiple agreements
  5. Mutual gain ad value to value

I have myself used this method to negociate for years and it gives really good results especially when to established long time relationship.