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The Innovation Tools Serie

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INNOWEO has issued a still going serie of articles called INNOVATION TOOLS.

As for the 100th post, we propose you to come back to all those articles through those links or via the INNOVATION tools page.

How to create a persona – An artilce about the persona, how to build it, how to synthesise it, how to use it. (English)

Benchmarking – benchmark is widely used but not often wisely.

Roadmapping – Roadmapping is widely used also but lots of traps can occur.

UX, c’est quoi ce truc? – vous vous demandez ce que désigne UX? c’est ici (french)

CIR, une arme pour l’innovation – toutes les infos sur le Crédit d’impot recherche (french)

Le design thinking expliqué – cqfd

La Résolution de problème… en innovant

Une équipe créative? – les trucs pour former une équipe vraiment créative

Value Proposition template – a good tool to evaluate your value proposition

Customer Journey Canva – a Canva to do a customer journey, one of the main tool of Design thinking