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5 presentations mistakes to avoid at all costs

I am making lots of presentations: to my management, to teams of my company, to my team, to external who visit our Innovation Lab or to a public when giving a talk at a conference.
I have seen also tons of presentations. Most of them are suffering of the same 6 majors mistakes I have identified in my presentations andin others. If you have enough time to focus on, please do it, it will help you to improve drastically your presentation quality and impact.

Keep It (Stupid) Simple

The famous KISS mantra. Again and again, people you are presenting to most of the time doesn’t understand a word of what you are doing. don’t give to much info, focus on the essential. Don’t put loads of bulletpoints and so on…

Talking is gold

Most of the time people sepaks fast, don’t wait, no silence, no breath… Take your time, respect some silence to highlight the point. Keep the pace. And of course, DON’T READ YOUR SLIDES!

Your introduction is Key

The most important part of your presentation. You can win or loose at that point. Grab the audience, embed them into your presentation, Make your presentation their. To manage that, ask questions to start, tell them a personnal story…

Master your talk

Practice, practice, practive. Master your data, your slides, be sure of the message, practice again it helps to have the good pace.

As a conclusion

  1. Keep It Stupid Simple ==> focus on the essential (What is your message? What is your request? What kind of results do you want to achieve?)
  2. Talking is gold ==> Take your time respect silence, don’t read your slides
  3. Your introduction is Key ==> ask questions,tell story.
  4. Master your talk ==> Practice again and again