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Bonjour, Welcome on INNOWEO.

Our goal is to share. Share with you my experience on Innovation. But wait… I am not a professional of Innovation. I am not Doctor Innovation, I am the guy struggling in making things happen. I am passionate about what I do as Innovation manager in a corporate but I am first found of projects, new things and changing the way we innovation is handled with big companies. I am an Innovation Maker and a Corporate Hacker, trying to make the things done, remove roadblocks on the way of my innovation projects portfolio. Ho yes, I forgot to tell you that my primary job is Project manager. I have the chance to be PMP certified and run a portfolio of twelve (and growing) wonderful innovation projects in Service.

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My favorite Hashtags? #innovation #corporateinnovation #designthinking #creativty #servicedesign

As long as I will develop innoweo I will enrich it with tonns of articles about innovation, corporate innovation, design thinking and creativity. Original contents, links, ressources etc… will be part of  my posts. Give me some time as I have to take care of my two little boys 😉

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