My (short) summer reading list

At that time of the year flourish lots of reading list with fancy names.

My reading list for this summer is kind of short. As during that time of the year I spend most of my time with my family playing with my kids and taking care of my wife, I have selected books that I consider the reading cannot wait any longer.


The Leader’s guide by Eric Ries

In a previous post I explained you why I have been among the firsts to back Eric Ries new book on Kickstarter. After some time waiting for the book to come up, it is at the end at the front of my door and on the top of my summer reading list. I really can’t wait jumping into it and see all lessons learned and tips gathered by the Lean-startup community and shared here by Eric.

MakeStorming, le guide du Corporate Hacking

MakeStorming, the guide to Corporate Hacking.

This book is in French and as far as I know there is no translation into English so far.

I discovered this book through the workshop I run and facilitate in other enterprises. One participant told me he had read it and found it very interesting and close to my methodology « Creative Problem Solving ». I bought the book from their website a couple of days ago and just received it today. I spent also sometime on their website to understand their approach to corporate hacking and digital transformation inside corporate and established organisation. It looks at a first glance very interesting, close to my own method but with a fairly better organisation, and clear focus on making things (the maker philosophy) and a wonderful collection of easy to use tools.

I will let you know about it later on. In the meantime you can read my articles on Corporate Hackers and How Pirates can hack the organisation (in french)


That’s all for me folks. This summer, near the pool in the beautiful city of Firenza, one will be able to spot the blue and yellow covers of my books. If so, please feel free to speak with me and share a glass of chianti talking about Innovation, Corporate Innovation and Project Management.

See you there.

[EDIT 02/08/2016]

One more book is coming to my list as I read the first one (Makestorming) in less than 3 days… I will post you the review and my comments as soon as I have time to write it down.
I choose to add… Sprint another book about how to rush a project and solve problems faster!

Just waiting for A… to deliver it @home.