Summer Reading Review: Sprint!


Let’s say it from the beginning: Wahou!! I dreamed to have such a book when I started my career in 2003.

It’s a turn-key method to accelerate your innovation project and get more results, faster. In addition, it gives you some tricks that I didn’t know and which can really change the way you drive your projects and deliver value for your clients and customers.

I read one chapter per day. It was my pleasure at the pool of my Tuscan holiday house to read the chapters of the book, organized to follow the natural flow of the sprint, day by day, the good day.



One of the best innovation book I have read this year. Pragmatic, illustrated with good examples, easy-to-follow, articulated between theory and actions, with levers to apply the concepts and tools to your projects.

What I really enjoyed:

  • The really pragmatic way of deploying the method to projects, in a start-up or corporate environment,
  • The trick from the field regarding prototyping (They love Keynote, for everything) and Test. Here I have to underline 2 of the major learnings for me:
    1. Recruiting potential users and customers to test your prototype by themselves using « offers » websites like Craig’s list. Very efficient if your screening and selection is well made.
    2. The magic number of 5 customers to identify patterns in your prototype, allowing you to save time and money to validate your hypothesis.
  • The practical lists, advices and planning given along the book and at the end, which allow you to start from scratch and by yourself a sprint right when you’re back at work 😉

What I less enjoyed:

  • For those who are used to run Innovation Workshops, creativity sessions, Problem solving and so on, you will recognize a lot of common points among what you know and Sprint! However the writers warns you at the beginning as they collected lots of tools in lots of methods and made from them a coherent approach.
  • Of course, as the writers work at Google Venture, the book is full of start-up experiences. Sad that only one example, not the clearer by the way, concerns a corporate (GE)


One of the best innovation book of the year so far, pragmatic, straight to the point and with easy, clear and efficient keys to deploy operationally the method when back at work. The writing is perfect, smooth and easy to read. Nothing to say really about this book which will certainly be a Must-read in the future.

Some more resources from those who want a little more about Sprint:

FastCompany article by Jake Knapp

The Sprint! Website  with a lot of additional resources

Sprint on GV website.


Summer Reading Review: Makestorming (in french)

Remember, this book is in french, so is the review

makestormingBien installé à mon poste de lecture, j’ai mis moins d’une semaine à lire le Makestorming.A2-1J’ai pris un grand plaisir à découvrir ce livre et à le lire et le relire (je l’ai lu 2 fois en fait…).
La première partie est intéressante avec une définition du hacking et corporate Hacking qui en intéressera plus d’un. La suite promettait d’être tout aussi inspirante mais je suis resté un peu sur ma faim. La description du Makestorming en lui-même m’a paru très abstraite et peu appliquée malgré les exemples donnés et les témoignages. Le dernier chapitre proposant la mise en action vient conclure avec plus d’énergie le livre en donnant des pistes intéressantes, même pour des organisations matures.


Ce que j’ai trouvé très positif:

  • La mise à plat et la définition claire et précise du Makestorming comme un vrai hacking des organisations qui théorise définitivement les pratiques que mènent de nombreux innovateurs en entreprises.
  • Les clés données pour favoriser et créer l’environnement nécessaire au développement de projets hackant l’organisation pour innover plus rapidement,
  • Les différents Template et autres Canvas pour screener ses projets, ses envies, ses ambitions etc…

Moins intéressant:

  • Malgré tous les points très positifs, je n’ai pas « appris »  à la lecture de ce livre. Tous les passionnés d’innovation, travaillant ou non dans un grand groupe, savent les freins et les vicissitudes pour lancer, entretenir, faire vivre puis enfin livrer un projet d’innovation qui souvent va à l’encontre des intérêts établis.
  • La partie Mise en pratique m’a paru un peu courte. Peu de recettes pratiques, de mises en situation, de mise en action.


Makestorming est l’un des meilleurs livres en français sur l’innovation en entreprise. Lisez ce livre! Et de lecture attentive et ce quelque soit votre niveau de maturité en Corporate Innovation. La rédaction est très bonne et les exemples de mise en œuvre permettent d’entrevoir la réalisation d’un makestorming en entreprise. Plus que tout le livre transmet une vraie énergie et une vraie motivation pour changer son organisation, pas à pas, en la hackant, en en contournant les blocages pour accélérer l’innovation. Cependant en comparant avec mes autres lectures de l’été, les leviers et les moyens d’activation ne m’ont pas sauté aux yeux…


Retrouvez mon article sur le sujet (Hacker l’organisation pour mieux innover).

Makestorming, le site web

Merci de m’avoir lu!

Summer reading list review!

As I already told you, my summer reading list was short but promising. Let see what after 4 weeks of sun, bath and reading, I can say about those books I choose.

Love to read

First let’s have a look at my reading stations. It is always a pleasure to read books but even more in good conditions.

From my sunny French balcony …


…to hot Tuscan summer…A1-1

…via the cool resting station of the Jura mountains near Switzerland (by the way a perfect place for Trail Running lovers),


I have really enjoyed discovering those pages. Again, sharing with you my reading commentaries doesn’t mean judging the authors and their work, I am no one for that, but more giving you my very own thoughts about what I, personally as an Innovation practitioners, start-up founder and entrepreneur, think I have learned reading their work.

A timely release

As I have to review all those books, I will post one article per book in the coming day. Stay tuned.

On my shelf for further reading

I have already ordered a book that I should have read for a long time:

41-aaVMQaFL._SCLZZZZZZZ__SY115_SX115_Change by Design, How design thinking transforms Organizations and inspires Innovation from Tim Brown, IDEO.


Thanks for reading, Enjoy and Share!