INNOWEO new features to come

cropped-BIZON.jpgI think it is important to let you know what is in the pipe regarding INNOWEO.
INNOWEO has been created one night when I was wondering about a new way to share my point of view and good articles I found on the internet  on Innovation and related topics. Thus it has been made quickly without really thinking about the design and how it should be organised. According to the numbers of registered members and page views, I think it is important to reshape the site.

I will try to add some features to the site sooner or later. So to say:

  • a nice slider as landing page to present new articles and enhance your arrival
  • a community area with extra « member only » quality videos and documents (White paper and INNOWEO goodies I am working on)
  • a better design because I realise that INNOWEO is not that beautiful….

To be frank, no planning, no commitment to that because I don’t know if I will have enough time to do it quickly.

If you want to give a hand and help, feel free !

Let me know what kind of modifications or features you would like to have here!


No spam only valuable emails from INNOWEO, your data will not be shared.

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