Employee Engagement in the Innovation Process

Innovation Excellence just issued an article entitled « Employee Engagement in the Innovation Process ». This worth reading (see button below to read it).

Especially, this pool result focus on the incentive that could be given to employees regarding their innovation involvement to reward their ideas or their achievement.

I personally fully believe that the success of innovation is based on employee involvement. However most enterprises don’t measure it. More than that most of enterprise does have incentives for their « innovative » employees. It is surprising to find that someone is giving most of the time money to someone else for something which is not really monitored…
There are ways to monitor employee involvement and reward them, even not on a monetary basis. That works and gives very good results.But don’t forget one thing, employee involvement will work if you put energy to embark people. However, in a company, only the top management involvement will guaranty the success of your innovation initiative and insure that people will sustain their commitment into the innovation process.


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