3 key parameters to (successfully) innovate

To innovate wisely and maximise the chances to be successful, each and every innovators should at least follow this 3 steps rule:

Identify an unsatisfied need

The need is the basis of your success. If you identify correctly the need then you are able to define a solution to this need. That’s your idea. As there is a need, you are sure that there is a market too. The best ideas come from an obvious need.

Create the new user experience

Once you have your idea and the need it saves, you have to deploy a solution. To do it, please focus on user experience. How many solutions aimed to fulfil a need and failed because the UX was bad or even worth because the usage was unsatisfactory?

Invent your own business

It is fundamental to implement your own business model; Don’t copy, don’t reinvent, just do it your way.
The business model is really core to your innovation. don’t fear to propose first-of-a-kind model to your management. If it worth it, there will be no worries.


And you, what steps would you add?



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