Thanks for reading us!

05_10_15Just a small post about a great news.

We reached the 200th posts on INNOWEO.
From the beginning in March last year, we have written exactly 200 posts, sharing our thoughts about Innovation and Project Management.

As a reminder here the post read articles on INNOWEO since the very first post:

On My Shelf – My 8 preferred books on Innovation and Innovation projects (2748 views so far) [hint: The 2016 On My Shelf books are coming, stay tuned for update]

INNOVATION TOOLS: design thinking tools that works in corporate (1589 views so far)

Project review? Prepare the good scenarii (1467 views so far)

As INNOWEO teams is growing, we wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the good time, the views on our articles, the real life meeting, the feebacks… If you want more out of INNOWEO, join our community of over 400 Innovation and Innovation Project Management fans!

Thanks for reading!



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