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Animated contents made easy

White Board animation (from


Creating powerful presentation is a must for those who want to achieve their goal, both professionnaly and personnaly.
For a moment now I am trying to find a good (AND easy AND Cheap) way to issue videos and animated content on INNOWEO.

My Quest has been long and a lot of adventures happened but I ended on (I have no interest in this site).
I have already made a few try to make some movies and I am quite happy with the results. Thus I will try to upload the first INNOWEO video really soon. This is a much easier way than shooting video of myself in my appartment talking about our subjects with my children running around 😉

Meanwhile, if you are interested in putting some more value into your own presentation, try this kind of Websites.

I am keen in having your feedback. Please leave a comment and share.

GoAnimate, my favorite website for animate story.
PowToon, another nice tool for cartoon style videos
videoScribe, a very powerful tool but unfortunately not free…


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