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Improve your Lean Start-up cycle

eye-1560x1107Customers have their eyes on your products. Their feedback is one, and may be the most, important aspect of the Lean Start-up. However lots of company don’t get the most of it.

Let start with a fact: do you read all customer feedbacks?

I have been surprised to see lots of start-ups I follow or company deploying Lean Start-up setting the whole process with lot of care and when running almost ignoring the customer feedbacks they had under their eyes.

That’s a major mistake. Customer feedback is THE most important way to learn about your MVP and to change things if needed, even to pivot when necessary.

Engage your all team (if not your all company)

Getting and analysing customer feedbacks are the most important tasks of your journey to product or service design. Everybody should be focused on getting and analysing it.

Engage your all team to customer Feedback process is key. This is the good way to:

  • have all employees being aware of the maturity level of the MVP
  • have them « feet on the ground » about what they do and have the necessary step back
  • be aware of the work still to do

How to engage everybody?

One moto of Design Thinking and Lean start-up is « go live« . Develop and test. Send your development team to the field, give them the mission to look at customers or clients and see how they use the MVP, what they say they love and hate. Confronting your all team to the field truth is the only way to have them fully aware of what is going on there.

One solution I have personally experiment and which works quite well is organizing Customer feedback sessions (after a test event for example) and let a team member conduct the interview. It works well and empower your team mate to have the issues solved.

I also strongly recommend to have regular feedback sessions, not less than every 3 to 6 weeks.

In one word: Send your team to face the truth of the field.

Do you have some more hints to engage your whole team to take customer feedback seriously? Tell us in the comment section.