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Become a networking King

As I am participating to lots of conferences, start-up meetings and other networking events to develop both my professional and personal network, I would like to share with you my little tips.

I was bad at connecting and networking with peers. I have search the web, spoke with some friends I know are good at it to improve my networking capacities. After all, here are my top tips for you.

  1. Choose your meetings wisely
    Not only according to the contents but also according to what you know bout the future attendees.
  2. Book meetings before you arrive
    Speakers or attendees, book meetings before you arrive. Use the online app or attendees directory in advance.
  3. Define a plan
    Define your goals and set a plan to attend them. Whether you want to meet professionals or learning more about providers, stick to your plan.
  4. Don’t just take Business Card
    Frankly business cards don’t make a project so speak, engage people by discussing about their proejcts, needs and problems.
  5. PRO TIP 1: Use a business card reader
    Not only helping you to organize your enw contacts, most of them help you to add comments and notes.
  6. Share
    Share your contacts and hints with your colleagues once back
  7. Connect as soon as possible
    At your hotel or back home, go to linked-in or whatever social network you invest in and connect. If you don’t like social network send an email to remind people who you are and how you know each other.
  8. PRO TIP 2: Use mailing soft
    I personnaly use Mailchimp once back home to make a list per conference. I then can share hints and informations directly to all attendees I have met.

Comment to give your tips.