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Value Proposition? I don’t care, give me the PERCEIVED VALUE

valueWhen trying to convince a manager or a venture company, to put money in a project, most of the speakers focus on Value Proposition.

However there is a fundamental difference between the value proposition, i.e. what you think our product/service/project will provide to the customer and the perceived value, how your customers value your product.

Why the perceived value is more important

First because it is how your customer see your product/service/etc… But more than that it gives the information that you know well your customer. To be able to speak about the perceived value, you need to know your clients, to speak with them, to listen, to ask etc… In one word, you need to know perfectly what is important for your customer.

Nobodies care actually about how you think your customer values your product. The value is much more the knowledge of the clients and how

Focus on Perceived Value

Put all necessary actions in place to better know the perceived value of your product/service/project according to your target. That means going to the field, asking for feedback etc…

Let’s take a very famous example. If I ask you the question « What do you value in the UBER service? ».  Some of you will say the availability of the cabs, some will say that they are happy to be in luxury cars, some will value the cleanliness, some other will like to have a USB charger…. We all have one way to value this service.
If you know how your clients appraise your service, you will be able to pivot and adapt your offer to the most interesting market.

Last advices, present your product/service as your users use it. More than presenting AirBnB like « We find a bed to the people », present it like « With AirBnB I have found a bed in 5 minutes in Barcelona… » or « With AirBnB, I have found a bed in Paris from San Francisco ». Testimonials are really powerful.




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