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10 steps to successfully present your new Product (or service)!


The most impressive product advocates like Steve J. share the same method to be sure to create an extraordinary moment when presenting a product. Here is what they do to convince you and millions that the brand new thing they have for you is an absolute must:


  1. Prepare, prepare, prepare!
    Success needs hard work.
  2. Find a name: Short, clear, straight to the point
    This is one the most important thing to do. A good name will allow everybody to remember your product and its positioning, a bas one…
  3. Find a good moto: « The car, without the gasoline »
    Refer to the main solved problem, summarize the advantages, make the value clear
  4. Explain the main functionalities of your product: « Phone + email + internet »
    That’s where you show why your best, not 1 or 2 times, 100 times better!
  5. Make a demo that will help your audience to picture themselves
    Show it real, show it works!
  6. Present a problem you solved, the competitors don’t (and show how you solved it of course)
    That’s where you hit the target.
  7. A second one?
    That’s where you hit the target, a second time.
  8. Summarize quickly all the advantages / innovations / key features of your product
    so much advantages, so many innovations…
  9. Explain the pricing vs competitors or equivalent solutions
    Convinced that your product is THE solution, explain to your prospects that your are not a escrow (at least pretend it).
  10. Train, train and train
    Do it in front of your mum, your son, your wife, your dog, do it and do it again and again so that the D-day it will be smooth, clear and efficient.

Some more to add?

Infographic 1

5 presentations mistakes to avoid at all costs

I am making lots of presentations: to my management, to teams of my company, to my team, to external who visit our Innovation Lab or to a public when giving a talk at a conference.
I have seen also tons of presentations. Most of them are suffering of the same 6 majors mistakes I have identified in my presentations andin others. If you have enough time to focus on, please do it, it will help you to improve drastically your presentation quality and impact.

Keep It (Stupid) Simple

The famous KISS mantra. Again and again, people you are presenting to most of the time doesn’t understand a word of what you are doing. don’t give to much info, focus on the essential. Don’t put loads of bulletpoints and so on…

Talking is gold

Most of the time people sepaks fast, don’t wait, no silence, no breath… Take your time, respect some silence to highlight the point. Keep the pace. And of course, DON’T READ YOUR SLIDES!

Your introduction is Key

The most important part of your presentation. You can win or loose at that point. Grab the audience, embed them into your presentation, Make your presentation their. To manage that, ask questions to start, tell them a personnal story…

Master your talk

Practice, practice, practive. Master your data, your slides, be sure of the message, practice again it helps to have the good pace.

As a conclusion

  1. Keep It Stupid Simple ==> focus on the essential (What is your message? What is your request? What kind of results do you want to achieve?)
  2. Talking is gold ==> Take your time respect silence, don’t read your slides
  3. Your introduction is Key ==> ask questions,tell story.
  4. Master your talk ==> Practice again and again


SPEACH: 10 secrets to a powerful presentation

I have now  quite a experience regarding presentation to top management or venture. I also have had the great opportunities to hear from the most inspiring speakers – Loic Le Meur, Eric Ries, Bruno Bonnel… – to starting start-upers… I have gathered here the 10 top thinks I always remember before going in front of an audience. The goal is not to be exhaustive so please add yours as comments.

    I used to play Rugby. In Rugby once the kick-off is done there is one thing every coach ask you: impress your opponent. This is done through IMPACT.
    When speaking, focus on the impact (not that you play rugby hein…) you have on your audience. Don’t forget that your words count for only 10% of your impact during a presentation. Focus on body language and voice, they’re most important.
  2. VARY!
    Move in space, change your voice tone, use silence: Again, voice and body are the most important.
    Use unusual kind of sentences: « Look », « Take note », »We are gone to explore… »
    Ask questions you answer directly « Is SPOTIFY an AGILE company? Of course it is and I will show you why. »
    Track all your verbal tics… « heuu…. »
    Nobody knows you did a mistake or planned more time on this subject.
    Involve your audience, remember something shared with your audience (a previous speaker, a joke from a facilitator…)
    You’ll understand what a visual tool is @ 5:00 (video in english with french subtitles)
  7. Guy Kawazaki 10/20/30 rule
    Guy Kawazaki is a former Evangelist at Apple and had been part of a lot of presentations from start-ups seeking for finance.
    His rules are simple:

    • 10 slides
    • 20 minutes maxi
    • minimum font size 30
      I personally try to use those rules as much as possible.
  8. SLIDES ARE FOR AUDIENCE, not for you 😉
    Slides are a support, an add-on to your speach. Use it as it aimed for. to push your speach. And don’t ever ever read it!
    You only have a few seconds to make the try and win your presentation. Have a pushy start is necessary. you can:

    • Ask a question to your audience « Who knows the RJD2 band? »
    • Give an information that shocked « Did you know that XXX millions of infants dies each year from Malaria? »
    • « Once upon a time… » my favourite. It is mental manipulation. Each time you ear this sentence, whatever you are making, you stop and listen, directly from your deep childhood 😉

And you what are your tips for a powerful presentation?


A web site which opened my eyes regarding presentation and presentation design:

Another valuable website:



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Animated contents made easy

White Board animation (from


Creating powerful presentation is a must for those who want to achieve their goal, both professionnaly and personnaly.
For a moment now I am trying to find a good (AND easy AND Cheap) way to issue videos and animated content on INNOWEO.

My Quest has been long and a lot of adventures happened but I ended on (I have no interest in this site).
I have already made a few try to make some movies and I am quite happy with the results. Thus I will try to upload the first INNOWEO video really soon. This is a much easier way than shooting video of myself in my appartment talking about our subjects with my children running around 😉

Meanwhile, if you are interested in putting some more value into your own presentation, try this kind of Websites.

I am keen in having your feedback. Please leave a comment and share.

GoAnimate, my favorite website for animate story.
PowToon, another nice tool for cartoon style videos
videoScribe, a very powerful tool but unfortunately not free…


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SPEACH: S’exprimer en public

J’ai participé récemment à une conférence à Londres sur l’innovation avec beaucoup d’entreprises très innovantes (Facebook, Pixar, Amazon WebService, Google etc…). Le niveau était bien entendu élevé et les discours très intéressants. Cependant, dans la forme, je dois avouer que j’ai été très déçu.

Ce n'était pas à une conférence TED mais c'était l'esprit ;-)
Ce n’était pas à une conférence TED mais c’était l’esprit 😉

Comment tout ces gens qui sont des références dans le monde de l’innovation et qui ont l’habitude de présenter leurs pratiques et leurs projets peuvent encore nous montrer un slide avec des puces et des listes??? Comment peuvent-ils juste lire leurs slides?

Voici quelques trucs que j’ai trouvés çà et là, appris à mes dépends ou à ceux d’un(e) autre, sur la meilleure manière de devenir un vrai Speaker.

  • Respectez votre auditoire. Vous prenez du temps à votre auditoire, ne l’ennuyez pas. A la fin de votre intervention, il faut qu’on puisse se dire « Wahou, intéressant! » (a minima).
  • Bien entendu, ne lisez jamais vos slides, ne faites jamais de listes, de puces ou autres, réservez cela aux articles de blogs 😉
  • Préparez votre intervention loin de votre ordinateur. Rien de bon ne viendra de lui.
  • Montez votre intervention comme une pièce de théâtre, avec une mise en place, une montée en pression, un pic dramatique et enfin, une conclusion.
  • Faites du Lean Powerpoint (ou aquelque soit le logiciel que vous utilisez pour préparer vos supports): enlevez tous les artifices de mise en forme, les animations, les logos qui tournent en flammes etc… Soyez le plus concis et le plus dépouillé possible.
  • Captez votre auditoire dès la première phrase. Impliquez le, faites le rentrer dans votre histoire, qu’elle devienne la leur. Et oui, on peut faire cela même pour une présentation commerciale.
  •  Répetez jusqu’à ce que votre discours soit fluide et que vous maîtrisiez toutes les nuances de votre message.
  • Pratiquez, pratiquez, pratiquez.


Et vous, quels sont vos recettes pour une intervention réussie?



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