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Stuck project? Restart it!

We all have been confronted to a stuck project. I remember me on my seat, looking at the project data, talking to my team and telling me how we will manage to turn it into, even not a success but at least something we could speak about later without any shame. Not talking about avoiding the complete disaster 😉

Often working with your project team and making the diagnosis together one will find an acceptable way to continue the project and deliver what should be delivered. The force of working as a team, accepting all together the current situation and the actions to take to get out of it is just awesome.

Setting new planning, setting new deliverable, setting new resources requirements all in accordance with the situation and the possibilities offered by the organization is necessary. First it clarifies to all stakeholders the new projects perimeter and then it shows to the team that the « new » project is achievable.

I would summarize the process to un-stuck a project as follow.

stuck projet
stuck project

Achieve a consensus with the project team, establishing a new road to success, and re-motivating all involved people are the key parameters.

I have also found this interesting video.

This is a Periscope replay of the #DailyMentor.

What was your way to restart a stuck project?