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SPEACH: 10 secrets to a powerful presentation

I have now  quite a experience regarding presentation to top management or venture. I also have had the great opportunities to hear from the most inspiring speakers – Loic Le Meur, Eric Ries, Bruno Bonnel… – to starting start-upers… I have gathered here the 10 top thinks I always remember before going in front of an audience. The goal is not to be exhaustive so please add yours as comments.

    I used to play Rugby. In Rugby once the kick-off is done there is one thing every coach ask you: impress your opponent. This is done through IMPACT.
    When speaking, focus on the impact (not that you play rugby hein…) you have on your audience. Don’t forget that your words count for only 10% of your impact during a presentation. Focus on body language and voice, they’re most important.
  2. VARY!
    Move in space, change your voice tone, use silence: Again, voice and body are the most important.
    Use unusual kind of sentences: « Look », « Take note », »We are gone to explore… »
    Ask questions you answer directly « Is SPOTIFY an AGILE company? Of course it is and I will show you why. »
    Track all your verbal tics… « heuu…. »
    Nobody knows you did a mistake or planned more time on this subject.
    Involve your audience, remember something shared with your audience (a previous speaker, a joke from a facilitator…)
    You’ll understand what a visual tool is @ 5:00 (video in english with french subtitles)
  7. Guy Kawazaki 10/20/30 rule
    Guy Kawazaki is a former Evangelist at Apple and had been part of a lot of presentations from start-ups seeking for finance.
    His rules are simple:

    • 10 slides
    • 20 minutes maxi
    • minimum font size 30
      I personally try to use those rules as much as possible.
  8. SLIDES ARE FOR AUDIENCE, not for you 😉
    Slides are a support, an add-on to your speach. Use it as it aimed for. to push your speach. And don’t ever ever read it!
    You only have a few seconds to make the try and win your presentation. Have a pushy start is necessary. you can:

    • Ask a question to your audience « Who knows the RJD2 band? »
    • Give an information that shocked « Did you know that XXX millions of infants dies each year from Malaria? »
    • « Once upon a time… » my favourite. It is mental manipulation. Each time you ear this sentence, whatever you are making, you stop and listen, directly from your deep childhood 😉

And you what are your tips for a powerful presentation?


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