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Structure your hypotheses validation

Testing its hypotheses is key to the Lean Start-up. By doing so you open the possibility to pivot and find your true market.

However when one is trying to find out its true market and testing, testing testing, one should have a clear idea of what is going on and what one is doing.

I personally use my own canva (Strategyzer got one interesting too), esp. during my pro bono consulting with starting businesses. My canva is built around 3 areas:

  1. What hypothesis are we working on?
    Very important and should be consistent with the Hypotheses list that you have certainly made at the beginning of your adventure. My personal advice: Don’t try to test one hypothesis with one test card. try to validate each side of your hypothesis to be sure that your test is relevant.
  2. What is our plan?
    Basically, what we do to test our hypothesis…
  3. What do we measure and thus what is our key factor of success with its associated level?
    Knowing what we will measure is important but don’t forget to tell in advance what will be a success.

Do you haveyourself a canva to test your hypothesis?